The Funeral Rule | free Download

 The Funeral Rule, enacted by the Federal Trade Commission on April 30, 1984 and amended it effective 1994, was designed to protect consumers by requiring that they receive adequate information concerning the goods and services they may purchase from a funeral provider. All funeral providers must comply with The Funeral Rule. 


Its best to NOT tell the funeral director anything about wanting to buy your casket from the outside until you get a written, itemized price list from them. The funeral director must give you a General Price List (GPL) that is yours to keep. 

The Funeral Rule requires every funeral home to have a General Price List. It is a written, itemized price list of all the items and services the funeral home offers. The General Price List will be your guide to comparing funeral costs in your area. Some funeral homes will publish their General Price List online. If you don’t see it on the funeral home’s website, you can call or email them to ask them to send you a copy.

Below is an example of a General Price List from Wilbraham Funeral Home in Wilbraham, MA and Toomey O' Brien Funeral Home in West Springfield, MA