Green Burial in Massachusetts

What Is Green Burial?


 Green burial is a way of disposing of bodies after death. Called “green” burial for its ecological soundness, it is also commonly known as natural burial. A green or natural burial uses no embalming, no metal casket, and no burial liner or vault; the marker, if used, is typically flat. Proponents often refer to it as “traditional” burial because it reclaims the more natural way in which nearly all were buried prior to the Civil War—one that is still used by some 90% of people elsewhere in the world. By using only biodegradable materials, green burial returns a human body and its burial container to the earth. 

How Does Green Burial Work?


 With green burial, a body is not embalmed. (Refrigeration, dry ice or ice packs will cool the body if immediate burial is not possible or desired. See for more information on home wakes.) The body is enclosed in a biodegradable container, such as a pine box, a cardboard coffin or a natural- fiber shroud, and placed directly into the earth rather than into a concrete “outer burial container.” A flat memorial stone may be used, or a tree or other planting may serve as a grave marker (often in combination with some form of computer mapping such as GPS). Burial at a depth of 3½ to 4 feet will permit access by aerobic bacteria to enhance decomposition. 

Why Might I Want a Green Burial?


 Any burial that uses green techniques will help to conserve resources, protect groundwater, and return bodily nutrients to the soil. For many people, this is reason enough to want a more ecologically friendly exit. For the pioneers of dedicated natural burial grounds in the U.S., though, green burial is much more than a benign form of body disposal. It is also a way of actively pursuing land preservation and restoration, in meadow or woodland settings where people can hike and picnic as well as bury loved ones. We at Green Burial Massachusetts are working to open one or more burial grounds that will conserve land as well as restore death to its rightful place in the cycle of life. 

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Is Green Burial an Option in Massachusetts?


  If you have sufficient land, it may be possible to have a green burial on your own property. You’ll need to get approval ahead of time from your local board of health. Towns and private cemeteries are increasingly permitting natural burial, essentially by not requiring use of a burial vault. If you live in one of the following towns, green burial is available to you: Amherst; Brewster; Cambridge; Chesterfield; Heath; South Wellfleet; Springfield; Warwick; Wendell; Westfield; Williamsburg. And this list continues to grow. As we learn of other towns and cities where natural burial is permitted, we’ll add them to our website ( We do not yet have a dedicated green cemetery in Massachusetts. New York has one (Greensprings  Natural Cemetery Preserve, near Ithaca;; (607) 564-7577), and Maine has two (Cedar Brook Burial Ground, near Portland;; (207) 637-2085; and Rainbow’s End Natural Cemetery, south of angor; contact